Join us for these upcoming webinars focused on standardizing physics programs and doppler ultrasound QA.

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October 26 | 12 PM EST

Before and After: Standardizing Physics with the SunCHECK® QA Platform
David Barbee, Ph.D., DABR, Director of Physics Radiation Oncology,
NYU Langone Health

Standardization in Radiation Oncology can lead to improvements in safety, efficiency, quality, consistency and interoperability — while reducing errors and multiple processes. But is it achievable?

The team at NYU Langone Health recently reviewed how their physics processes have evolved as they’ve adopted the SunCHECK Quality Management Platform for Machine and Patient QA. Hear the results they have found by working towards a greater level of standardization.

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November 16 | 12 PM EST

Doppler Ultrasound QA: What to Test & How to Test it
Ted Lynch, Ph.D., FAIUM, Director, Ultrasound Product Strategy, Sun Nuclear

In this webinar, Ted Lynch, Ph.D., FAIUM, will provide an overview of published standards for Ultrasound Doppler Quality Assurance (QA) along with a review of commercially available Doppler QA devices. Gain insights on how to perform and interpret multiple Doppler QA tests.

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Next week, join us for insights from creating hundreds of beam models, and learn how data collection can impact your Patient QA measurements.

The Sun Nuclear Beam Modeling Process:
Why You Can Be Confident in Sun Nuclear Dose Calculator Results

Presented by:
Maziar Adloo, M.S.
Clinical Applications Physicist – Beam Modeling Lead
Sun NuclearTuesday, August 8 // 12 PM US ET

Currently, ~7,700 sites worldwide use high energy photon accelerators for cancer treatment.* Of those, 2,600 own an ArcCHECK®, with some owning five or more for strong, standardized Patient QA among a department or across a network.

First introduced in 2009, ArcCHECK remains a go-to solution for versatile Patient QA.
In fact, this year at AAPM, 20+ abstracts feature ArcCHECK, including five that use ArcCHECK for Patient QA of the novel RefleXion X1 platform.

Learn why ArcCHECK stands the test of time.

Powerful Patient-Specific QA

  • Recommended by AAPM Task Group 218 for 3D measurement
  • Measures and correlates gantry angle, leaf-end position, absolute dose, and time
  • For all modalities: IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, Tomo, Varian Medical Systems® Halcyon™ System* and MRgRT QA
Clinically Relevant Dose & DVH QA

  • Identify TPS and beam delivery errors
  • 1,386 SunPoint® Diode Detectors for increased BEV data density
  • Angular corrections accurate to ±0.5° using the Virtual Inclinometer™
  • Consistent BEV for all gantry angles measuring entrance and exit dose at multiple depths


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We’re hosting four webinars over the next few months, each focused on practical insights you can apply to the QA of advanced technologies and techniques. Read on for details, and links to register.
June 27 | 12 PM EDT

SunCHECK® for In-Vivo Monitoring –
Errors Caught and Corrected

Jennifer Hamilton, M.E., DABR Sun Nuclear

In-vivo monitoring through the SunCHECK Platform allows users to automatically analyze data acquired for offline review, enabling users to review cases and adapt plans as necessary to improve patient treatments. This webinar will provide an overview of some of the failures observed and corrected by users of the SunCHECK Platform.

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August 8 | 12 PM EDT

The Sun Nuclear Beam Modeling Process:
Why You Can Be Confident in Sun Nuclear
Dose Calculator Results

Maziar Adloo, M.S., Clinical Applications Physicist, Sun Nuclear

With hundreds of beam models created for SunCHECK users, we’ve learned quite a few lessons about the importance of data collection and how it can impact your patient QA measurements. Join us for insights into these findings.

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August 17, 11 AM EDT

Assessing the Impact of Adaptations to the Clinical Workflow using Transit In-vivo Dosimetry
Evy Bossuyt, M.Sc., Iridium Netwerk

Join us as we welcome Evy Bossuyt, M.Sc. from the Iridium Netwerk in Belgium, as she talks about their implementation and use of SunCHECK for Patient QA, specifically the path they’ve paved with their use of In-vivo dosimetry. In this presentation, Evy will highlight their most recent workflow improvements based on the results of analyzing over 84,000 fractions from 2018 to 2022.

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August 29 | 12 PM EDT

Advancements and Optimization of
CT Quality Control

Ken Ruchala, Ph.D., CT Product Manager, Sun Nuclear

Making sure you are using the right test objects for CT scanners has always been a challenge. A test object that extends beyond a scanner’s capability may be excessive, whereas test objects that do not push the limits of clinical images may be insufficient to identify and monitor scanner image quality over time. Join us to review the latest CT Quality Assurance phantoms from Sun Nuclear, a Mirion Medical Company, and learn how to find that balance of optimal test objects versus scanner capabilities.

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Next week, join us for insights from creating hundreds of beam models, and learn how data collection can impact your Patient QA measurements.

The Sun Nuclear Beam Modeling Process:
Why You Can Be Confident in Sun Nuclear Dose Calculator Results

Presented by:
Maziar Adloo, M.S.
Clinical Applications Physicist – Beam Modeling Lead
Sun NuclearTuesday, August 8 // 12 PM US ET
On Wednesday June 7, join us at 5PM AEST for a webinar on the SunSCAN 3D Water Scanning System with SunDOSE software. Learn more below and register to join a live webinar in your time zone.

Jesus Fernandez
Applications Specialist
Sun Nuclear

SunSCAN™ 3D with SunDOSE™ software
The Next-Generation Cylindrical Water Scanning System In this Webinar you will learn:

  • The benefits of the Cylindrical design
  • Automated tools to setup the Tank
  • Enhanced Accuracy for SRS measurements
  • Powerful Electrometer with 1 microsecond sampling time

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To meet the increasing needs of delivery systems that track motion or use respiratory gating during treatment, Sun Nuclear is proud to present a new versatile QA Solution – The Enhanced Dynamic Platform.
Key Features of the Enhanced Dynamic Platform:
  • Use any phantom that fits on motion stage up to 70 lbs (50 lbs when ramp is inclined)
  • Easily set up for 1D, 2D or 3D motion QA
  • Index bar locations for 0- and 30-degree rotation setup
  • 11.3° inclined plane provides +/- 5.0 mm (10 mm total) of posterior-anterior motion
  • 30° rotation provides +/- 12.5 mm (25 mm total) of lateral motion
  • Independently controlled surrogate platform simulates posterior-anterior chest wall motion
At RSNA, Sun Nuclear and CIRS can be found in the Mirion Medical Booth: North Hall, Booth 6525. We’re featuring Diagnostic Imaging QA solutions — including CIRS solutions, now part of the Sun Nuclear brand.

Preview highlights from our CT QA portfolio, including a brand-new Comprehensive CT Image Quality Phantom shown for the first time at RSNA.

Innovative CT QA Solutions
NEW! IQphan™
Comprehensive CT Image Quality Phantom ​​​​​

Making its debut at the RSNA Annual Meeting, our new IQphan phantom addresses QA across the range of specifications of different CT scanners in a single phantom. It integrates with RapidCHECK™ analysis software to quickly and consistently process CT data into results and reports. ​​​​​​A combination of modules supports a robust variety of tests.
High-Contrast Resolution Module
  • High-Contrast Resolution Module features high-resolution line pairs, large 3D patterns that are easy to visualize, and robust data analysis in the RapidCHECK software
  • Slice Sensitivity & Geometric Evaluation Module with multiple wire-ramp materials and diameters enables analysis of slice thickness on a range of scanners — from diagnostic CT to CBCT and MVCT
  • Low-Contrast Detectability Module provides a low-contrast test covering radiation therapy systems and diagnostic CT
  • Uniformity Module supports assessment of noise and uniformity in HE CT Solid Water
  • HU Module tests the consistency of known HU materials and measures the effective energy of the scan


Also Featured for CT QA

RapidCHECK Software
Securely accessible from any browser in your clinical network, RapidCHECK helps you get results faster, load data immediately, and analyze intuitively. Learn more >Benefits

  • Use with new IQphan Phantom to quickly process CT data into results and reports
  • Use with CT ACR 464 Phantom to automate image quality analysis, create trending reports, and more
  • Use with Advanced Electron Density Phantom for faster, less-tedious calibration of CT-to-electron density tables


Multi-Energy CT Phantom
Test efficacy of clinical protocols over an expanded range of material concentrations for multi-energy analysis. Compare consistency and stability across scanners. Learn more >Benefits:

  • Expanded range of testing to exceed draft AAPM Task Group 299 requirements
  • Ensuring efficacy of clinical protocols for multi-energy analysis
  • Comparing consistency and stability across different scanners


Mercury 4.0 Phantom​
Address performance and effectiveness of Automatic Exposure Control/Tube Current Modulation. Learn more >

  • Evaluate image quality for Iterative Reconstruction
  • Meet AAPM Task Group 233 requirements for performance evaluation of CT systems
  • 5-tiered sections reflect range of patient sizes, and enable size-dependent image quality evaluation
  • Evaluate Automatic Exposure Control / Tube Current Modulation


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CT QA solutions >